About me

After graduating from NC State in 2016, I spent the first 6ish years of my career working in supply chain logistics building systems, primarily for Mars (M&Ms, Snickers, surprisingly to most... dog food).

In January 2023, my good friend Ethan asked me to join him on his entrepreneurial journey. I quit my job and haven’t looked back.

When I’m not doing work with Ethan, I’m working on my indie projects. I love to solve problems. I love to learn new technologies. Sort of a jack of all trades, master of none.

Outside of thing I do with a laptop, I love to be active (playing hockey, volleyball, lifting, yoga, skiing), spending time with family and friends, traveling internationally to see new cultures, good coffee, & good food.

Got ideas for an app? Want to learn more about what I’ve got going on? Want to just say hello? Connect with me on X/Twitter!