My Projects

I like to build apps, and recently have been learning to ship apps quickly. Some are more polished than others. I suppose that's why they're called projects.

  • Cook Well

    Building the best damn home cooking website out there.

  • Freetime

    Discover, track, & share movies, tv shows, books, podcasts, & more.

    App Store

  • Scoot

    Create and share travel guides with a single url

  • NewNomad

    Document what I learn as a digital nomad.

  • NoBlog.Cooking

    Remove stories, ads, popups from recipe blogs.

  • ThePlatePassport

    Discover what dishes are famous for every country in the world!

  • JourneyGrids

    Plot your life milestones & view historical events in weeks.

  • JustTheExercise

    Directory of 800+ exercises w/ images, instructions, muscles used.

  • ThePickleballDinks

    A pickleball Blog

  • Delightful

    A more playful Google Maps bookmark manager.

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